8 Chic Apartment Styling Ideas

I live in a two-bedroom apartment located close to the city. While it may not be suitable for everyone or families, I personally find apartment living to be convenient and a much cheaper option compared to living in a house (especially for those familiar with the cost of living in Sydney). I have made it work for me and my son, and I am sure you can too!

I invite you into my home and offer 8 chic styling ideas to inspire you to fill your apartment with style and elegance.

01. Keep it Clutter Free

Clutter is my number one no no! I try to keep my home uncluttered and as simplistic as possible, particularly in the bedroom. Having an uncluttered home helps me de-stress, stay sane and sleep better.

02. Go with Minimalist White

I have a fondness for white backgrounds accented by colour. My walls, furniture, and plant pots are kept in white, and I use colourful accents through my décor and furnishings to bring in colour.

03. Select Classic Furniture Pieces

I am enamoured with the timeless elegance of classic French style furniture. It brings a simple yet sophisticated charm to the home. When selecting furniture, I recommend opting for pieces crafted from wood or timber.

04. Add lots of Cushions

Cushions are an absolute must for any sofa! Mixing and matching colours, shapes, and fabrics is a great way to add personality. I personally adore the colour pink, but any hue you choose will complement a white or neutral coloured sofa.

05. Add Pot Plants Indoor and Outdoor

Indoor plants are an essential aspect of any home. From reducing stress levels to enhancing air quality, improving productivity, and boosting your immune system, the benefits of living with plants are numerous. Start incorporating them into your home now!

See my blog post for tips on selecting the best plant varieties to elevate your decor and how to properly care for them.

06. Add Candles and Flowers

Candles and flowers, both fresh and artificial, are my preferred forms of décor. As you might have noticed, I tend to choose decorations that promote stress relief. And, candles and flowers certainly do the trick by uplifting my mood, boosting concentration and creativity, and infusing a lovely fragrance into my home.

07. Set up a Proper Home Office

My home office is one of my favourite spots at home, and for good reason, as I spend a considerable amount of time there. Like many others, I’ve transitioned to full-time remote work since the pandemic began, so it’s imperative that I have a space and the necessary equipment to not only work effectively but also to write my blog.

I have a standing desk, which is a highly recommended option if you’re a full-time remote worker. It’s time to move beyond the kitchen counter!

08. Use Table and Floor Lamps

Good lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of a room. Consider investing in lamps for your console tables, side tables, nightstands, and even on the floor. I have a few table lamps placed throughout my home and a floor lamp in my living room.

I hope these suggestions will provide inspiration as you style your apartment. In my upcoming blog, I’ll share tips on indoor plants, so be sure to check back!

Until then… stay chic and stylish!

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